Legacy Youth Mentoring is seeking new volunteers for the upcoming school year.

"After one of the most challenging school years, mentors are more valuable than ever before," leaders state. "One in three youth will grow up without any type of mentor, making volunteers incredibly important.:

Legacy Youth Mentoring is a friendship-based, in school, youth mentoring program for Jackson County, Jefferson City and Commerce City School Systems. They train and match volunteers with students who will benefit from the encouragement and guidance of mentors.

Students with a mentor are: 52 percent less likely to skip a day of school, 46 percent less likely than their peers to use drugs, and 55 percent are more likely to enroll in college.

Joe Godfrey has been mentoring with Legacy Youth Mentoring for seven years. He was paired with his first student, Aubrey, who was an eighth grader in 2014. Godfrey has witnessed Aubrey graduate high school, enroll in college and even master the game of Dominoes. Now, Godfrey has been paired with his second student and will continue this meaningful relationship with another young person.

“If we can spark a young person’s self-worth through friendship and if we can applaud their accomplishments no matter the size, then we can make a positive impact in a mentee’s life in more ways than we’ll ever know,” said Godfrey. “It’s such a wonderful experience to spend just an hour a week during the school season with your mentee to listen, to offer encouragement, to laugh together and to be a positive role model where one can share simple life lessons that can last a lifetime.”

The positive impact of mentoring is not limited to the mentee. Godfrey also mentioned, “Mentoring continues to bring me so much joy and appreciation to my life.”

Mentors can meet with their students in their schools for 30 minutes two to four times a month.

To learn about becoming a mentor, visit, email Lisa Stephens at or call 706-367-3503.


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