What’s so important about the way we spend our time? As the moments of the day roll on, we can’t get them back. Let us use them wisely, and in everything, be about the work of the Lord.

Are you like me? Do you dread doing something you need to do? It could be attending a chorus concert or ball game at school, or going to a birthday party or graduation ceremony.

I made a commitment to see a family member or Friday evening. I mean I really wanted to do it, but I was so tired by the time Friday evening arrived. I had given my word, and the icing on the cake was that my brother, Keith, and his wife, Tammie, would be there. I asked the Lord to give me the strength to press on and of course he did.

I’ll just testify right here. That was the most beautiful evening I’ve had in a while. God orchestrated good things that night, and I’m thankful that I listened to him, and moved forward. I’ll cherish those memories forever. I’m learning God will always give us strength to do His will, and at times, it will be to minister to our family.

James 4:14 reminds us that our life is a vapor; it appears for a little time, and then it vanishes away. My prayer is we will use our time wisely and let the Lord guide our steps every day. The power of God working through us can change lives for the kingdom.

God’s word tells a story about a Gentile who receives a word from God, listens and obeys.

In Acts 10 God puts two unlikely people together and blesses them in so many ways. Cornelius was a devout, God fearing man who prayed. An angel visited him and told him to send for Simon Peter who was staying with a tanner by the seaside, and he sent some men to get Peter. While Peter was praying God gave him a vision. As Peter sought God for the meaning of this vision, the men arrived at the gate. Of course the Spirit told Peter, “Don’t hesitate; I have sent them.” Once they got to the home of Cornelius, Peter began to understand the vision. God had sent him into the home this home to change lives forever.

Peter gave a powerful testimony about the Lord. Jesus came to earth, He ministered and changed so many lives, and he was crucified and rose again. “He commanded us to preach and testify, and those who believe in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name,” according to verses 42 and 43. Before Peter left, the people were saved, baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Cornelius was willing to pray and have the faith to call for Peter. The men were willing to make the trek to summon Peter, and he was willing to leave his home to visit with Cornelius. Most importantly, Peter trusted God and embraced the vision, and the gospel was brought to the gentiles for the first time.

I think everyone will agree. Time is so important! Cornelius could have said, “I don’t’ have time for company, and my house is a wreck.” Peter could have said, “Make a journey now, no way, I’ve got so much to do around the house.” Everyone in this story trusted God and moved forward with His plan. They refused to miss out on what God had in store during this time.

My prayer is that we will all remember, our time is so valuable, and it’s so important to use it wisely. Lives may be hanging in the balance, and God is calling us. He will use us to bless others, and we will all be blessed when we use our time for the work of the Lord.

Sherry Lewis is pastor of New Beginnings Worship Center.

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