The Friends and Family Love of Llamas Club, previously the Jackson County 4-H Love of Llamas group, recently attended the Southern States Llama Association Hillbilly Hoedown Llama and Alpaca Show.

The show was held at the Georgia National Fairground in Perry. Judges were Mike Haumschild from Ohio and Anna Reese from Texas.

The weekend began with a Friday evening costume contest, themed Dr. Suess. Rachael Gilley dressed both herself and her llama as the Cat in the Hat, complete with a fishbowl of plastic fish riding on the back of the llama, Shemar.

Karianna Cashin dressed as Cindy Lou Who, and her llama, Flash, dressed up as the Grinch.

Karley Apel and her llama, Turbo, both dressed as star-bellied Sneeches.

Isabelle Olliff, Lily Howell, and their llamas, Pongo and Chama, dressed all together as One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

Following the costume contest was Ground Driving, in which the person walks behind the llama as they steer it in front to follow directions as if driving a cart. Jackie Ellett and Kittyhawk competed in the Adult Division of the Ground Driving Class and took first place. Rachael Gilley and Shemar completed in the Youth Division of the Ground Driving Class and took first place.

On Saturday, both adults and youth club members participated in Performance Class events, which involved the handlers and llamas completing three 10-station obstacle courses. Performance classes include Pack, Obstacle and Public Relations. Sunday’s competition allowed the handlers to show their skills in the Showmanship class and show the confirmation and fiber quality in the Halter classes.

Those who attended said some of the best things about the weekend were spending time with other members of the llama community and having fun with people who loved being there. Karley Apel enjoyed her first time showing more than one llama. Karianna Cashin enjoyed the relaxing fun atmosphere and hanging out with friends. Tab Gilley was excited about breeding Malia, the llama during the weekend. Lily Howell enjoyed spending time with her animals, as well as getting the opportunity to show other people’s animals.


Placements for each event, handler and llama:

•Karley Apel with “Turrbo"

Costume - 3rd, 3rd

Junior Youth Pack - 3rd, 3rd

Junior Youth PR - 3rd, 4th

Junior Youth Showmanship- 3rd, 3rd

Halter - 1st, 1st, Grand Reserve, Grand Champion

•Melissa Apel with “Belle of the Ball”

Halter - 1st, 1st

•Karianna Cashin with “Ruffino has Arrived”

Alpaca Novice Pack 3rd, 3rd

Alpaca Novice Obstacle 3rd, 3rd

Alpaca Youth PR 3rd, 3rd

Alpaca Non-Breeder 3rd, 3rd

•Karianna Cashin with “S’More Flash than You”

Costume, 4th, 4th

Junior Youth Pack 4th, 4th

Junior Youth Obstacle 3rd, 3rd

Junior Youth PR 3rd, 3rd

Adult Working Non-Breeder 4th

•Jackie Ellett with “Kittyhawk”

Adult Ground Driving - 1st, 1st

Adult Showmanship - 3rd, 3rd

•Rachael Gilley with “Shemar”

Youth pleasure driving - 1st, 1st

Youth obstacle driving - 1st, 1st

Costume - 1st, 1st

Junior Youth Pack - 1st, 1st

Junior Youth Obstacle - 1st, 1st

Junior Youth PR - 1st, 1st

Junior Youth Performance - Reserve Champion, Grand Champion

Junior Youth Showmanship - 1st, 2nd

•Lily Howell with “Chama Llama Ding Dong”

Costume, 2nd, 2nd

Intermediate Youth Pack- 1st, 2nd

Intermediate Youth Obstacle- 1st, 1st

Intermediate Youth PR- 2nd, 2nd

Intermediate Performance Grand Champion, Grand Champion

•Lily Howell with “Hondo”

Male 2-year old Silky Halter Class- 1st place, 1st place, Grand Champion Silky Male Division

•Isabelle Olliff with “Pongo the Magnificent”

Costume, 2nd, 2nd

Novice PR - 5th

•Isabelle Olliff with “Zaccheo”

Senior Youth Pack - 4th

Senior Youth Obstacle - 4th

Senior Youth PR - 4th

Senior Youth Showmanship - 3rd, 4th

Adult Non-breeder - 3rd

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