A group of local girls were able to learn shadow dance techniques from professional dancers. A group from Graceful Gospel Dance Academy attended a performance and then a workshop led by Catapult, the premiere professional shadow company based in New York, N.Y.

On Sunday, February 16, the twelve company dancers from Graceful Gospel Dance Academy attended a shadow performance at Brenau University's Pearce Auditorium. This performance was done by Catapult, the premiere professional shadow company that has been featured on four presentations of America's Got Talent. It was those AGT performances that "catapulted" the group into touring worldwide.

Just three years ago, inspired by professional shadow dance companies, including Catapult, Graceful Gospel Dance Academy debuted its own shadow dance company, ShadowCo.

“Although we have watched Catapult online hundreds of times, nothing compares to our dancers being able to see the show in person at Pearce Auditorium,” Tammy Seagraves,” owner of Graceful Gospel Dance Academy states. “The entire audience was filled with energy and emotion throughout the show!”

The highlight of this experience for ShadowCo. was after the show, Seagraves states. Graceful Gospel Dance Academy's ShadowCo. members, which included two coaches and ten dancers ages 7 to 17, were invited to attend a private Catapult Workshop led by Catapult director, Adam Battelstein, and three talented Catapult dancers.

“For our dancers, it was a truly amazing and unforgettable event,” Standridge said. “Mr. Battelstein and his dancers taught us many shadow dance details to help us improve our performances. They shared their time and talents with us, carefully instructing, correcting and improving our shadow shapes and knowledge. They were kind and humorous; it was great fun for everyone! It was a dance experience that our ShadowCo. members will always treasure and we hope to use the knowledge and skills gained at the workshop to improve our shadow performance at our spring recital on May 16, 2020.”


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