The Love of Llamas group recently competed in the Heart of Dixie Llama Show (HODLS). The show was held at Willow Tree Farms, located in Ringgold. The Heart of Dixie is a Double ALSA (Alpaca Llama Show Association) point, and Double ILR-SD (International Llama Show Association) point show, as well as, an SSLA sweepstakes show. In a Double/Double show the youth are competing simultaneously in two shows, and are learning double points toward show placings.

The show superintendents were Kathy DeVaul, of Leesburg, Cathie Kindler, of Ellijay, and Cheryl Lambert, of Florida. The show judges were Nick Hauptly, of Iowa (Blue Judge), and Cathie Kindler, of Georgia (Red Judge).

Several of the llama shows were cancelled in the spring due to COVID. The llamas and youth were eager to get back into the show ring, leaders state. Classes include Pack, Obstacle, Public Relations, Showmanship, and Halter.

The youth earn the trust of the llamas at the farm by feeding, haltering, grooming, walking, and practicing various obstacles and Showmanship.

Lily Howell has shown llamas for several years. Currently, she is working with Chama and Hondo, both are 2 year old llamas. Lily says enjoys showing because “I get to spend the whole weekend with my llamas, show them off, and take them through obstacles."

Gabby Ascenzo shows Lazarus, a 1 1⁄2 year old llama, and Rafael, a 15 year old alpaca. Gabby and Lazarus enjoy the obstacle class. Gabby said, “I love to see Lazarus do all the things in the show ring that we have practiced at home."

Gabby and Rafael placed first in Alpaca Non-Breeder Halter and got the grand ribbon.

Karley Apel and 2 year old llama, Turrbo, have worked together for about one year. Karley said, she “enjoyed going to the beautiful farm, and all the different animals that were there."

Karley and Turrbo placed first andthird in the 2 year old non-breeder halter class.

Olivia Ascenzo has worked three years with Señor FuzzButt, a 4 year old alpaca, and Jett, a 2 year old llama. Olivia loves to do the pack class with Fuzzy. The pack class is made up of challenges that the llama and handler may experience on a hike. For example, water obstacles, weaving, walking over limbs and tying quick release knots. Olivia said she loves to show Jett in halter class because “he is so beautiful”.

Isabelle Olliff shows Pongo, a 6 year old llama. Isabelle also enjoys pack class, and she likes to show because, “it helps see how me and my llama need to improve."

Rachael Gilley shows llamas Shemar, a 3 year old llama, and Onyx, an 11 year old llama. Racheal’s favorite class is Showmanship. In Showmanship, the handler demonstrates his/her ability to present the llama to the judges using skills learned. Rachael likes to try and improve in showmanship so that together they can “improve on our weaknesses, so that we can do better in the next show."


Results of Heart of Dixie Llama Show are as follows:

•Isabelle Olliff and Pongo the Magnificent - Senior Youth Pack, 3rd; Senior Youth Obstacle, 3rd; Senior Youth Public Relations, 4th; Senior Youth Showmanship, 3rd

•Lily Howell and Chama Llama Ding Dong - Intermediate Youth Pack, 3rd; Intermediate Youth Obstacle, 3rd; Intermediate Youth Public Relations, 3rd; Intermediate Youth Showmanship, 2nd, 3rd; 2 year old Non-Breeder, 4th

•Moose Hills Hondo - 1st 2 year old Medium Wool Male

•Racheal Gilley and Moose Hill’s Shemar - Junior Youth Pack, 1st, 2nd; Junior Youth Obstacle, 2nd; Junior Youth Public Relations, 1st, 2nd; Junior Youth Performance Grand and Reserve; Junior Youth Showmanship, 1st; 2 year old Non-Breeder 2nd

•Gabby Ascenzo and Moose Hill’s Lazarus - Junior Youth Pack, 2nd, 3rd; Junior Youth Obstacle, 4th; Junior Youth Public Relations, 2nd, 3rd; Junior Youth Showmanship, 3rd, 4th; Yearling Medium Wool Male, 2nd

•ASC Rafael - Alpaca Novice Pack, 3rd; Alpaca Novice Obstacle, 3rd; Alpaca Novice Public Relations, 3rd, 4th; Alpaca Non-Breeder, 1st, Grand

•Olivia Ascenzo and Senor Fuzzbutt - Junior Youth Pack, 4th; Junior Youth Obstacle, 3rd; Junior Youth Public Relations, 4th; Junior Youth Showmanship, 4th, 3rd; Alpaca Non-Breeder, 4th

•Jett the Dark Knight - 2 year old Suri Wool Male, 2nd

•Karley Apel and Shy N Fly Turrbo - Junior Youth Pack, 6th; Junior Youth Obstacle, 5th; Junior Youth Public Relations, 5th; Junior Youth Showmanship, 5th; 2 year old Non-Breeder, 1st, 3rd


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