Automated speeding fines could be in place around Jefferson City Schools as early as November.

Jefferson Police Department Chief Joe Wirthman said this week that the cameras are being put into place and could begin operations next month. He said the public would be given a 30-day grace period before real fines will be issued.

The move to put automated speeding cameras along Old Pendergrass Rd. and Washington St. was approved last December by the Jefferson City Council. A private company, Blue Line Solutions, will provide the cameras, software and send fines to speeders and then split the revenue with the city.

The move was pushed by Chief Wirthman, who said there is a safety issue around the city's schools due to speeding in the area.

This week, Wirthman said the speeding cameras were to have been put in place before schools opened, but the process was delayed by the COVID shutdowns.

He said digital speed signs will also be put up so motorists can see their speed as they traverse the streets.

The speed cameras and related software will calculate a vehicle's speed, photo the vehicle tag if it's speeding, locate the owner's address and automatically send a fine to the owner.

The state of Georgia just recently allowed automated speeding cameras in school zones.


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