The Jackson County Board of Commissioners approved a rezoning for three residential tracts on 15 acres near Maysville on Nov. 16, but with a stipulation the landowners didn't want.

The board approved rezoning 15 acres in three tracts at 1246 Bob Mann Rd., Maysville, from A-2 to M-H, but with the stipulation that only "stick-built" homes could be put on the property.

Francisco Oviedo said that he and two other family members wanted to put mobile homes on the property, one each on 5-acre tracts, until they could afford to build houses. In his application, Oviedo said he had owned the property for 15 years and is now ready to live at the site.

But commissioner Chas Hardy said other homeowners in the area had contacted him opposed to having mobile homes on the tracts.

"(People) have expressed concerns of moving in that direction of adding three more mobile homes, especially in that density in that area," Hardy said.

Hardy said that since the property owners eventually want to build stick-built homes, he wanted to make that a stipulation now.

"I would feel more comfortable that we went (in that direction) in the first place, so moving forward I'd like to approve this to make a condition that it's a stick-built home," he said.

Oviedo said that it would be difficult to pay for a stick-built home right now.

"At this moment it's difficult to get the cash; right now we have the cash to buy the mobile home," he said. "To build a home it's going to take years."

Hardy suggested that the county might not be willing to approve additional mobile homes anywhere in the county.

"The direction we're trying to head to in Jackson County with our development guidelines and information we've received from our citizens about development moving forward, I felt like we need to add a condition that it needs to be a stick-built home," he said.

Oviedo was opposed to the condition, but eventually agreed that it would be better than Hardy making a motion to deny the rezoning.

The Jackson County Planning Commission had recommended approval of the rezoning with no conditions.


In other zoning related action, the board approved:

• a map amendment for 10.5 acres at 4285 Deadwyler Rd, Maysville, from agricultural to rural to divide the property into seven tracts for residential development.

• a rezoning of 10.1 acres on Ed Bennett Rd., Nicholson, from A-2 to R-1 to divide into five tracts for residential development.


In other action, the BOC approved:

• a quitclaim deed to transfer a small sliver of land to the City of Commerce.

• a contract with Correct Health Jackson to provide medical services to the county jail and correctional institute.

• the sale of surplus property.

• an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Hoschton to provide municipal court services through the Jackson County Magistrate Court.

• a grant application for the county's transit system.


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