The Jackson County Board of Commissioners agreed to send a letter of support for a roundabout at the intersection of Hwy. 124, Hwy. 60 and Sam Freeman Rd. to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The letter was requested by the state as it begins to develop plans for the project.

As part of the deal, the county will be responsible for electricity costs for a streetlight at the intersection.

The board will formally vote on the matter on Feb. 22.

The BOC also reviewed a bid for 5 county vehicles with the low bid of $134,350 from Jefferson Motor Company.

In action items, the board reappointed Bucky ?Sorrow to another term on the county parks and recreation board.


Three citizens from South Jackson told the BOC they are opposed to the proposed Striplings store on Hwy. 129 in South Jackson.

The board is slated to vote on a rezoning for the project at its Jan. 22 meeting.

Gina McKinney said that the county had turned won a mini-storage facility on the property in 2019.

"If a mini-storage facility is inappropriate, how could inviting hundreds of cars over a week’s period be appropriate?" she asked. "It appears that both the planning staff and the Planning Commission felt that a mini storage facility was too intrusive for the nearby residences, but that a regional restaurant and store is not."

Babs McDonald, representing Citizens for South Jackson, spoke in opposition to the project and gave the BOC a list of 23 recommended conditions if the board does approve the Striplings store.

Among the proposed conditions is a requirement that all traffic enter and exit off of Hwy. 129 and not have access to Brock Rd.


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