As with everything else in the last few days, Commerce city manager James Wascher spent the last few minutes of the council meeting March 16 explaining what is being done in the city that may help lessen the spread of the Coronavirus.

Wascher said the city “hasn’t stopped providing services,” but some might be “curtailed.”

The civic center has asked parties that have rented a portion of the center if they could reschedule until later in the year. He also said the Centers for Disease Control issued guidance saying no gatherings should be held of more than 50 people. (That recommendation has since been changed to only 10 people by the federal and state governments.)

At city hall, a glass front will be reinstalled and a slide put in place that allows employees to talk to people and get papers from them, but also provides a “little barrier.”

The city’s recreation department has stopped all activities until March 29.

The Commerce library, he said, is part of the Piedmont system of libraries and may close. Thus far, the computers have been spread farther apart. The library has less foot traffic, he said.

If it closes, the library might offer limited service, delivering materials to cars on a specific day at specific times, Wascher said.

He said public safety, public works and utility employees were “essential” to the city’s operation.


The council unanimously approved variances for two lots in Carrington Place, one on Skyview and one on Walker Circle.

Mayor Clark Hill said the lots were “oddly shaped” and would not accommodate a house without the variances.

The variances were for the front and right side on one and the rear on the other.


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