The Commerce Board of Education discussed areas in need of repair at school facilities during a meeting held September 10.

Superintendent Joy Tolbert said she had recently met with city recreation department personnel to discuss the need for a building to provide restrooms and a concession area at the middle school track. Tolbert said porta johns are being used to meet current needs, but the board should be looking for a long- term solution.

Tolbert said land close to the running track has been considered for location of a restroom and concession facility, but due to issues with the soil and the inability to utilize a septic tank, a pump to pump waste to a suitable location would be required, and that would be expensive. “What we are looking to do is to get system personnel to meet with city personnel to try and determine a suitable location to connect to the city sewer,” Tolbert said.

Another area in need of repair is the tennis courts. The courts are cracked and Tolbert said that has been an issue since they were installed. Cost to make necessary repairs could run as high as $50,000 to $60,000.

Both of these projects are small in scope compared to the cost of an even larger project that would include improvements to the field house, which is estimated to run anywhere from $1 million to $1.5 million.

In regard to other facility projects, Tolbert said improvement at the K-5 building and the need for an ag lab for the high school agriculture program should be top priority.

But between now and the year 2027, the system is obligated to paying off outstanding bond debt, so any big project would be outside of that five year range.


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