The Commerce City Council will soon be taking the next step towards opening city facilities to normal operating hours.

During a meeting held June 1, city manager James Wascher reported city hall is currently open only half days, two days a week. Wascher said he would like to expand those hours to two full days per week starting Thursday June 4, slowly transitioning to normal operating hours.

The library is currently operating on a limited schedule, serving a maximum of 30 customers at one time and the Civic Center will be available for larger events as permitted.

The council is also looking to postpone the fireworks event set for later this month. Wascher said it is the consensus of city staff to postpone the event until later in the year.

“We just feel it will be a much more enjoyable event if we try to do something later when there’s less potential restrictions to try to adhere to,” said Wascher.


In other business, the council will meet June 15 to take action on:

• updating the building department fee schedule. Wascher said the current fee schedule has been sufficient for residential development, but can be cumbersome for commercial and industrial development. The new schedule will be a valuation based schedule, allowing the city to better capture the actual permitting and inspection cost. An additional plan review fee of 50 percent of the cost for a building permit fee will be required to cover the staff time needed for plan review, permitting, inspections, or other related tasks. Proposed changes to residential permit fees will increase from 12 cents to 20 cents per square foot and permit fees for commercial structures will be based on the latest ICC permit table.

•  a request from Brian Cardoza for annexation of 2.2 acres and rezoning of 139 acres on Maysville Rd. and Wheeler Cemetery Rd. The request is comprised of various parcels with current zoning of C-2 and R-1 zoning. The request is to unite all of the related parcels under M-2 zoning in order to continue with a long range industrial development project. The planning commission is recommending approval of the request.

• a request from Chadwick Richardson to rezone 1.61 acres on Bill Anderson Blvd. from C-2 to R-1 for the construction of five homes. This request is recommended for approval from the planning commission.

• a request from Robert Wollaston to rezone 8.841 acres at 71 W.E. King Rd. from R-4 to R-2 and 19.322 acres at 187 W.E. King Rd. from AR to R-2 for development of Phase III of Highland Estates. The planning commission recommends approval of the request.

• a request from Victor Golban to rezone 4.134 acres along W.E. King Rd. from R-3 to C-2 for construction of a repair garage. The planning commission is recommending approval of the request.

• awarding a bid from Garrett Paving in the amount of $296,668 for paving of various city streets. Roads considered for resurfacing include West Cordes Place, Cedar Drive, Westwood Dr., Roosevelt Blvd, Bishop Court, Arlington Lane, and Hill, Stark, Oak, Clayton, Hood and Poplar streets.

• an amendment to the Gas Supply Portfolio Program. The portfolio will allow the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia to negotiate gas supply contracts on behalf of a group of local government agencies.

• options available for installation of an elevator at the Commerce Civic Center. Bids for the elevator were substantially higher than anticipated. Milestone Construction submitted the lowest bid at $457,508. Wascher said there is a lot of structural work that will be needed in order to install the elevator. If approved, other projects planned for the Civic Center may have to be postponed or cancelled. Another option the council may consider is financing for all improvements needed in the Civic Center. The project would include: Installation of an elevator, kitchen improvements, upgrades to the bathrooms, rewiring and improvements to the bottom level. Washer said the cost for renovation of the Civic Center could be $2-$5 million.


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