Commerce leaders are still pondering exactly how to update the town's civic center.

Mainstreet and Downtown Development Authority manager Natalie Thomas told the DDA board recently that she had just received an updated plan for the civic center, but had not yet met with architects.

Thomas said the town is looking at two possible paths for the upgrade, one to expand it just as an event center, the other to have it be both an event center and to house some city government offices.

Upgrading the civic center is in the town's FY22 preliminary budget.

In other updates, Thomas said the city is still looking for a final site to build a pavilion for a farmers' market. One of the major locations under consideration is along Pine St. on property the city currently owns.

The DDA also continued to discuss creating two city ally parks along High St. and View St. Those streets would be closed to traffic and used as pedestrian park areas.

City attorney John Stell said the board should adopt a resolution to present to the city council that outlines a proposal for the two ally parks.

In other business, the DDA:

• discussed rules for a city dog park, largely based on rules from Sandy Creek Dog Park. The DDA board voted to take the rules to the city manager for further action.

• adopted a memorandum of understanding between the DDA and Georgia Department of Community Affairs for FY22. 

• discussed an upcoming free city event, "Concert on Cherry" scheduled for June 4. The event will feature Joe Olds Band from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.


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