Trash pickup could soon become a little more expensive in Commerce.

The Commerce City Council discussed a proposal to increase the trash pickup fee per customer by $0.84 at its April 5 work session.

Waste Pro, the town’s sanitation service contractor, noted in a letter to the city that the “cost of doing business” has increased significantly in the last year.

Waste Pro said the consumer price index has increased by 1.4%. That contributes to $0.14 cents of the overall proposed increase. The remaining $0.70 increase comes from hikes in disposal costs.

City manager James Wascher said the increase could go into effect in May.

The council also had a lengthy discussion with Waste Pro representatives about issues with recycling. Council members discussed issues with rejected recycling loads that have to be diverted to a landfill because a customer placed non-recyclables in their recycling bin, contaminating the load.

A number of solutions were discussed, including providing information to customers on what can and can’t be recycled or limiting what items can be placed in the bins.


Other business discussed at the April 5 work session that could be voted on at the council’s next meeting were:

•a conditional use request from Mack Garrison for 219 Allen Rd. The request would allow a towing lot on 2.17 acres. (The property was previously approved for a recycling facility, but that project was abandoned.) Representatives for the project said at the recent planning commission meeting that they’d probably have a maximum of 25-30 vehicles on the site at any point and cars would be moved out every 30 days.

•an amendment to a contract with Bureau Veritas for residential inspections and erosion/sediment control inspections.

•amendments to the Georgia Municipal Association’s 401(a) defined contribution plan.

•a request for the sale of beer and wine at 614 South Broad St.

•road closures for a bike race planned May 2 including Georgia Ave., Bill Anderson Blvd., Elm St., Oak St. and Little St.

The council also held a 30-minute closed session on real estate and litigation with no action following.


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