The City of Commerce is looking at ways to hold the annual Commerce by Candlelight and Christmas parade while following COVID guidelines.

The Commerce by Candlelight event is tentatively set for Dec. 5, followed by the annual Christmas parade on December 6.

It the Commerce City Council meeting on Nov. 2, city manager James Wascher said the city is planning on moving forward with both events while trying to work through additional guidelines, particularly on the parade.

“We want to make sure we have everything in place and ready to go in case we can have the parade,” said Wascher.

Due to COVID guidelines, the holiday events will look a little different than past occasions where the school chorus groups performed and the event would draw large crowds.

“We are not sure we would be able to do that this year,” said Wascher. “What we might suggest is to have a virtual tree lighting without having a large group attending.”

State COVID guidelines would require the city to guarantee social distancing.

“We have to guarantee social distancing and if we can’t guarantee, then we can’t hold the event,” said Wascher. “We are still working through the process to see what we can and cannot do and what alternative we might come up with.” 


The council also reviewed at its meeting:

• a recommendation to approve a speed zone ordinance. This ordinance will lay out where the city can enforce speed regulations.

• an agreement to approve staff recommendation of a natural vegetative buffer to be placed around outdoor storage at 200 Harris Street. City regulations requires placement of fencing around the entire property. This is a very large parcel running from Harris Street to 441. The city has been working with the landowner to reach an agreement that would benefit the city as well as the property owner. The city is recommending the property owner plant a row of leyland cypress trees to use as a substitute for the required fencing.

• a request from Sara Golden to place a mobile home at 198 Old Harden Orchard Road. The applicant is requesting permission to replace a mobile home that was destroyed by fire several years ago. Recent updates to the city zoning map and regulations made this a nonconforming property and would not allow replacement of a mobile home on the property. Since this request does not meet the definition of a conditional use, the planning commission is recommending the council deny the request.

• agreements for attachment to city utility poles. TruVista and Comcast are requesting permission to allow fiber to attach to city poles.

•  recommendation to appoint Tre Spear to a 60 month term on the Commerce Housing Authority Board.


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