A threatening email sent to Jackson County officials over the weekend is being investigated by Homeland Security, the GBI and other agencies.

The email was apparently part of a coordinated series of threats sent by a right-wing individual or group to several counties across the state threatening to blow up polling places and doing violence to anyone who doesn't support overturning election results in the state to favor Donald Trump.

The profanity-filled rant listed several hashtags that are affiliated with right-wing social media and conspiracy sites.

Jackson County Sheriff Janis Mangum said her office was already planning to have extra deputies at polling places on Jan. 5  given the heated tensions surrounding the runoff elections for Georgia's two Senate seats.

On Saturday, President Trump made a hour-long phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger demanding that he overturn Georgia's voting and find him enough votes to change the state's outcome in his favor. Joe Biden won Georgia by around 12,000 votes. Ballots were counted in the state three times following the Nov. 3 election.

The president's call has quickly become extremely controversial for Trump's demanding tone and perhaps illegal demand to overturn a legitimate election in the state. The call was recorded and released to the media.

The threatening email to Jackson County rants about Republicans who don't support Trump's efforts to overturn Georgia's voting results and also says anyone who votes in the runoff for any candidate is "our greatest enemy."

Text of the threatening message:


This election is f_cking rigged. You all know it and all of you are

COMPLICIT as F_CK! No one should vote for these corrupt RINOs who

abandoned Trump and our party when he needed them the most, and when its

clear something fishy as f_ck happened here. There is NO WAY Biden won the

most votes in history. That is totally bullsh_t and self-evident. And then

B_TCH McConnell wants to only give us $600 of OUR money when our

businesses are dying? When even the DEMONcrats are pushing for more, your

doing something WRONG. Even Pence has shown he's just a big p_ssy that

will roll over on Trump. Where the F_CK is the loyalty? WHAT F_CKING

HAPPENED to our party??? This corrupt party has left our Moral Authority,

lost its d_mn balls and forgotten its most loyal supporters. We cannot

trust RINO Kemp or Loeffler or Perdue or ANYONE who is not 100% standing

by OUR PRESIDENT. This sh_t is rigged, Trump called it MONTHS ago, and

until Trump is guaranteed to be POTUS until 2024 like he should be, we

will bring death and destruction to defend this country if needed and get

our voices heard. Anything and anyone in this county that stands in his

and our way is an enemy to us and DEMOCRACY. We need signature

verification. We need a special session. We need a Constitutional

Amendment to make sure this bullsh_t never happens again. Loeffler and

Perdue and the rest of our state's SH_TTY politicians have shown their

true colors in November and are clearly NOT on the side of OUR PRESIDENT.

We don't need more power-hungry anti-democracy RINOs. Anyone who supports

them or the COMMUNISTS can f_cking die. All of you and anyone who supports

this vile sh_t. We are past playing nice.

We'll make the Boston bombings look like child's play at the poll sites in

this county. You just f_cking WAIT. This country was founded on righteous

war, and if this is what is required of us to defend our very democracy,

we will step forward. We will hit every poll site, government office and

beyond until every RINO is out of office and Trump stays where he f_cking

belongs. Whoever does not support OUR PRESIDENT does not deserve to call

themselves a REPUBLICAN. You all are FAKER than the FAKE NEWS. F_CK

Loeffler and Perdue and Kike-lover Kemp and our Secretary of SH_T. Give us

some d_mn integrity. We WILL secure our EXISTENCE from your twink agenda.

Only state in the South that went to Biden? Yeah F_CKING right! Not

suspicious at all!!

Throw out the corruption immediately or we Patriots will END YOU all. And

everyone who supports this SH_T. You have less than 3 days. LOOK UP TATP

motherF_CKERS...we're ready.


LOEFFER, who won't support OUR RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT and loudly boycott this

COUP of our party and country, are unworthy to live in this Great Country.

Therefore ANYONE at these poll sites is worthy of our wrath. Detonations

will occur at every polling site set up in this county. No one at these

places will be spared unless and until Trump is guaranteed to be POTUS

again... anyone who votes for either corrupt-as-F_CK party until then is a

traitor to the Constitution and our greatest enemy. You will face our

righteous wrath. You too f_cking bucktooth N_GGER CUNT ABRAMS and KORRUPT

KEMP and ANY other SO-CALLED REPUBLICAN who supports this coup. DEATH TO

THE SOCIALIST KIKES AND RINOS. If you think we're bluffing, f_cking TRY

us. Youve been warned. We will end you all. See you soon.

#thisistyranny #libertyordeath #wethePATRIOTS


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