virus update 2

Deaths in Jackson County from the Covid virus skyrocketed over the past week with six deaths reported in one day alone.

To date, 78 people in the county have died from the virus with 10 other cases suspected.

On Jan. 13, six people were reported to have died from the virus, the largest single-day total in the county since the pandemic began. The state also recorded its largest jump  in deaths over the past week.

In January, 12 people from Jackson County have died from the virus so far, the deadliest month yet.

In addition, the number of countians hospitalized with the virus is also climbing, topping 362 people. Nearly 7,400 people have tested positive for the virus since March.


While the number of deaths are climbing, there is some indication that the virus is slowing in the county and across the state.

Trend lines for new cases and the percent of those testing positive were down this week from the week before in the county.

Dr. Amber Schmidtke, a regular blogger of data about the virus in the state, said the downward trend may be short-lived, but was nevertheless good news.

"If the case/hospitalization decrease is real and the start of a descent, then we are probably looking at 2-3 more weeks of high death counts, at least," she said. "But it is good news to potentially see a peak. What we should remember from the summer surge experience, though, is that it’s much harder and slower to descend from a peak than to ascend it. We will not be out of the woods for some time."


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