A reduced conflict U-turn (R-cut) intersection under construction at the intersection of Hwy. 82 and Damon Gause Bypass (U.S. 129) in Arcade comes from an investigation by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) in 2020 about problems at the intersection and the possible need for a traffic signal.

Although traffic counts at the intersection recorded in Feb. 2020 failed to meet the GDOT’s standards for a traffic signal, it concluded the crash history and shape of the intersection made it a good candidate for an R-cut to provide. An R-cut intersection control reduces vehicle conflict points by forcing minor road vehicles to turn right and perform a U-turn, according to GDOT.

The intersection’s crash history from 2015-2020 reported 30 total crashes, with 25 angle and five rear-end crashes. Further analysis of the angle crashes showed 22 of the 25 angle crashes would be correctable by an R-cut, according to GDOT’s traffic engineering report.

Currently, the intersection is controlled by a two-way stop on Hwy. 82 and does not have left or right turn lanes at its intersection with Hwy. 129.

The new R-cut intersection will not affect traffic coming from Hwy. 129 as drivers will still be able to make right and left turns onto Hwy. 82.

With the new intersection design, drivers approaching Hwy. 129 coming from Hwy. 82, will no longer be able to go straight or turn left. Instead, they must turn right.

If they need to go back north towards Jefferson, they will go about 2,400 feet to the nearest red light at Hwy. 15 Alt. and make a U-turn.

“The traffic light now has a green turning arrow so the wait time shouldn’t be long,” said Arcade police chief Randy Williams.

For tractor trailers unable to make the U-turn, they can turn left onto Athens Hwy. and turn left on Hwy. 82, Etheridge Road or Galilee Church Road, all of which will take them back to U.S. 129, said Williams.

For those coming from Athens Hwy. on Hwy. 82, they will turn right onto U.S. 129 towards Jefferson. If they need to go back south toward Athens, they can make a U-turn at Arcade Park Street, Etheridge Road or Galilee Church Road.

“This may cost the motorist a couple extra minutes, but it will be a whole lot safer,” said Williams.


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