James L. Dinkins

Jim Dinkins

Former Jeffersonian Jim Dinkins has been named CEO of Honey Baked Ham.

Jim Dinkins, 58, lived in Jefferson as a youth in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but left the community with his family before high school.

He retired as president of Coca-Cola North America last year.

Dinkin got his undergraduate degree at UGA and a MBA at Emory University before going to work for Coca-Cola in 1988. There, he rose through the ranks and was named president of the firm's flagship North America division in 2018.

Jim Dinkins is the son of the late Rev. "Pete" Dinkins and Jo Dinkins.

Rev. Dinkins was the founding director of the Potter's House Christian Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center in Jefferson (South Jackson) and was involved in the Methodist church ministry in North Georgia for 40 years. The family attended Jefferson First United Methodist Church when they lived in Jefferson.

Jim Dinkins' sister, Sue Pinion, was a math teacher at Jefferson High School and at Parkview High School in Gwinnett County.

Jim Dinkins is one of several people with Jefferson connections to climb to the top in the nation's food service industry.

Jefferson High School graduate (1968) Pat Williamson became a president at Pepsico. Williamson has retired from Pepsico and lives in Texas.

JHS graduate (1977) Cary Crook is currently VP nd general manager of international sales at Pepsico. Like Williamson, Crook lives in Texas.

JHS graduate (1955) Weldon "Bucky" Johnson was president of Japan Coke for 14 years and also served as president of Latin America Coke. He also served as senior vice-president of Coke USA.


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