Jackson County will get an estimated $14.1 million from the recently-passed federal Covid relief act.

Federal sources say that every county in the nation will receive direct funding, broken down into two payments, one this year and one in 2022.

The legislation, passed last week by Democrats and signed by President Joe Biden, allocated $65 billion to county and city governments.

All Republicans in Congress voted in opposition to the bill.

Exactly how Jackson County will use those funds remains to be determined, said county officials.

"We're waiting to get further information/instruction from U.S. Treasury through ACCG as to the allowable uses of the funds, restrictions, documentation required, timing, etc. before considering use of the funds," said county manager Kevin Poe.

According to the National Association of Counties, the funds can be used to respond to the pandemic or its negative economic impacts. Those could be assistance to households, small businesses, or to aid industries, such as hospitality, tourism and travel.

The money can also be used to fund public services that have been hurt by the pandemic and to pay a premium pay to essential public workers.

The funds must be spent before the end of 2024, according to NACo.


(2) comments

Candy Sweppenheiser

I hope the least this county can do is say 'Thank you'.

Ross Harvin

Why??? What does the county need 14 million dollars for? Where does everyone think all this money comes from???

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