One style of barndominium.

A new style of rural housing is becoming increasingly popular in Jackson County, a situation that is leading county officials to create a new development code to cover their construction.

Barndominiums have become the "new, most frequently asked question in the office," said county planning director Jamie Dove.

The Jackson County Planning Commission approved a text amendment to the county united development code on Nov. 18 that would allow barndominiums in zoning districts of A2, AR and PCFD. The matter will now go to the Jackson County Board of Commissioners for final action.

Barndominiums are rustic-style houses that often have metal siding and are designed to look like a barn facility. Often, they include non-residential space for workshops or storage, similar to what a traditional barn would be used for.

Although they've been around since the 1980s, they became increasingly popular in the 2010s following a show HGTV's Fixer Upper that featured a barndominium. They began spreading from Texas to the Midwest and are becoming more popular in rural areas of Southern states as well.


In other actions, the JCPC approved:

• updating the county development code to require 1,400 heated sq. ft. minimum for mobile homes in the county, not including additions.

• updating the county code to allow for electronic signs in areas designed for public institutions.

• updating the county code to allow the county's code enforcement office to write citations for prohibited outdoor burning.

• a rezoning at 3253 Jackson Trial Rd. from A-2 to CRC for a plumbing business office.


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