Jackson, McMullan

Retiring Jefferson City Schools superintendent John Jackson and his successor, Donna McMullan.

Long-time Jefferson School System superintendent John Jackson tendered his resignation May 14 after 23 years in the position. He is among the longest-serving superintendents in the state.

Assistant superintendent Donna McMullan was designated by the board to become the system's superintendent starting July 1. The board has to announce its decision 14 days before taking final action.

BOE chairman Ronnie Hopkins said the BOE may have a called meeting toward the end of May to take final action in naming McMullan.


Jackson, who retired once before and came back to the system under the 49 percent system, said he felt it was time for someone who has more technology experience to take over the jobs.

Jackson said that education was today heavily intertwined with technology and that technology is "not in my wheelhouse."

"It's time to hand off to someone who knows more than I do," he said.

Jackson's contract ends June 31. 

"It's time for me to step out of the picture," he said.

Jackson has been in education for 47 years with 45 of those in administrative positions. In the 1980s, he was principal at Jefferson High School before moving on to other jobs, eventually returning as superintendent 23 years ago.

Jackson said the long continuity of Jefferson's leadership was key to the system's overall success, noting that three current members of the board of education were there when he was hired. Two other members of today's BOE were students at JHS when Jackson was principal there.


In other action at the BOE's May 14 meeting, the board:

• heard that the system had received $180,600 from the federal CARES act due to the impact of the COVID virus.

• approved the sale of some surplus math books.

• agreed to refinance some existing bonds at a lower interest rate of .89%, down from 2.4%.

• agreed to proceed with a re-flooring project for part of Jefferson Middle School.

• agreed to re-roof part of the second grade wing at Jefferson Elementary School.

• heard that a ranking service had rated the Jefferson School System number five in the state. Jefferson High School was also ranked in the top seven percent of high schools in the nation by the U.S. News and World Report for 2020.


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