The Jackson County Sheriff's Office and Jefferson Fire Department have teamed up with Adventure Bags, Inc., a nonprofit that provides books bags filled with comfort and hygiene items to children who are in crisis. Bags are provided at no cost to the agency.

Adventure Bags, Inc. book bags not only comfort a child who is in a situation that is beyond their control, but also an opportunity for the agencies, foster homes, shelters, etc. that take in these children and/or families to use as a relationship builder and to help them get through the first 24-48 hours, leaders said.

“With these bags, it is our desire that no child be without something that they can call their own and feel a sense of safety and comfort during traumatic events," Misty Manus, executive director, said. "Information about this organization and these bags can be found on Adventure Bags Inc., website at or follow them on Facebook at Adventure Bags.”

Adventure Bags, Inc. was founded in October 2011, and since then has served over 40,000 children across Georgia, partnered with 150 agencies, and served 147 counties in the state of Georgia.


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