The Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority’s financial director Judy Smith presented the board with its third quarter  financial report in addition to her monthly operating report for September on Nov. 18

Water usage for the month of September increased 31.4% with a 24.4% increase in water billing totals. That’s s a 4.5% annual increase in billed usage and a 4.9% increase in water revenue since year-end  2020.

Billed usage of sewer for September increased 38% with a 51% increase in billing totals compared to 2020. Since year end 2020, annual billed sewer usage increased 12.4% with a 22.3% increase in revenue during the same period.

JCWSA reported 11,085 billed water customers, a 6.1% annual increase, and 2,942 billed sewer customers, a 25.4% annual increase since September 2020.

The authority's ServLine Leak Insurance program recovered $6,803 in September for a total of $63,000 year-to-date. The annual average of recovered funds through the program is $116,000.

According to Smith, the City of Jefferson has shown interest in the program, which JCWSA has been part of since 2017. As a customer herself, Smith said she highly recommends it.

“It gives me a lot of confidence,” she said.

 According to Smith’s report, there were a total of 687 water and 141 sewer connections paid at the end of the third quarter 2021, consisting mostly of residential connections with the exception of 53 SPLOST connections, four industrial/fire connections and one municipal connection. For comparison, with the exception of prepaid connections, JCWSA’s total new sewer connections at the end of 2020 was just 16.

JCWSA’s total operating revenues are up $3.9 million from September 2020 with a total of $11.9 million, which includes connection fees of $3.6 million. Total net income from operations is at $5.9 million, an increase of $2.7 million.

Total operating expenses were $6 million and construction-related expenses associated with debt interest totals $1.6 million, bringing the authority’s total net income to $4.3 million as of the end of September, a $1.9 million increase from last year.


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