Funds are now in line to cover the construction of a roundabout at a high-volume intersection just off I-85 on the northside of Jefferson.

The Jefferson City Council OK’d a budget adjustment of $821,763 on June 21 to build a roundabout on Dry Pond Rd. at Jett Roberts Rd. near the Circle K convenience store.

The budget adjustment accounts for multiple contributions toward the project: $250,000 from the state department of transportation (DOT); $230,000 from Jackson County; and $111,763 from area businesses. The $230,000 from Jackson County matches the city’s contribution.

The total dollar figure was based on an engineer’s cost estimate, but city leaders won’t know an exact cost until the project is bid out.

City manager Priscilla Murphy expects the project to be bid out soon.

The intersection, with its proximity to industrial businesses, has seen high volumes of traffic, particularly as motorists arrive and return from work. The location has also generated commercial truck traffic due to the industries in that area.

According to Murphy, the state DOT decided that installing a roundabout would best alleviate traffic problems.

“They think that it will help the flow of traffic a lot better, especially with the trucks,” she said.

In other financial matters, the council approved adjustments setting up budgets for a storm water system project on Sycamore St., Hog Mountain Rd. construction, LMIG money for road improvements and the transfer of water and sewer fund money that was to be used as water credits through March 2021.


The council unanimously approved an amendment to the city’s land use management code to make off-site truck and trailer parking a conditional use on C-2-zoned property — requiring a city council vote. The use is permitted under the current code, requiring no vote.

The change will allow the council more oversight on offsite truck and tractor trailer parking locations as they attempt to remedy trash problems being generated by commercial trucks.


A total of $78,000 of speed camera revenue will be applied toward public safety measures.

The council approved a budget adjustment to apply $40,000 of the revenue toward the purchase of a new police vehicle and $38,000 to purchasing school bus cameras and safety signage around Jefferson Memorial Stadium.


In other business, the council:

•voted to raise Murphy’s pay approximately 4% following a closed session. The council also discussed potential land acquisition and legal matters in closed session, but took no action.

●approved a request to remove a zoning condition from a two-acre property off Winder Hwy. applied in 2001 when rezoned to C-2, commercial. The condition required a 10-foot landscape buffer to make developments invisible from the highway. The applicant, Ken Byce, plans to use the property to house a mini-storage facility. Since trees will be removed, councilman Mark Mobley asked that city staff provide recommendations for the city’s tree bank for similar situations in the future.

•approved a resolution to abandon an additional tract of land previously utilized for Horace Head Rd.’s old intersection with Hwy. 82. The property abandonment is tied to a condition for a variance for Dry Pond Industrial Holdings.

•heard from councilman Cody Cain and mayor Jon Howell, who praised city workers’ efforts in paving the recreation department’s gravel lot. “I think it looks excellent,” Cain said. “ … Everybody is excited about what I think is probably three times the amount of parking that we used to have.” Howell said he was “very delighted that the staff was able to make it come together.” The lot should be ready “in a week or so,” according to Murphy. It is still drying and still lacks parking blocks.

•heard from Murphy that the city’s renovated playgrounds will be hopefully ready before the end of next week.


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