Jefferson mayor Jon Howell has appointed members to four subcommittees to investigate potential city projects.

Howell announced the subcommittee members at the city council’s Feb. 8 meeting. Those subcommittees and members are:

•Modernization of city charter and codes — Clint Roberts (chairman) and Malcolm Gramley.

•City pool improvements — Cody Cain (chairman) and Steve Kinney.

•I-85 Exit 137 beautification/city beautification — Mark Mobley (chair) and Cain.

•New city logo — Gramley (chair) and Mobley.

All council members agreed to their subcommittee assignments.

“I wanted to make sure we had buy-in because this is going to be extra work,” Howell said.

Each councilman was asked to submit three to five names of citizens to serve on their respective subcommittees.


In other business, the council:

•approved the re-appointment of Doug Turco to the Public Building Authority.

•introduced an amendment to the city’s land use management codes addressing food trucks, as well as a code amendment related to special events. The council also introduced an ordinance amendment aimed at making the city’s code enforcement function “easier and faster,” according to city planner Jerry Weitz. The council received no public comment on any of the three items.

•reviewed a list of appointees to the city’s tree council.

•heard a resolution to accept roads in Phase II of Mallard’s Landing as city streets. The council will vote on the item on Feb. 22. Councilman Mark Mobley said the council should discuss the item with Joe Savage of the city road department before voting.

•revisited discussion from last month of speeders on Skyline Dr. Police chief Joe Wirthman said turning the road into a one-lane street would reduce the number of drivers using Skyline as a cut-through road to Memorial Stadium. Howell said he wants feedback from those residents about that potential change.


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