Plans for 142 townhouses in Jefferson got the green light Feb. 3 by the Jefferson-Talmo Planning Commission.

The project is slated for 29.5 acres off of Danielsville St. and Sycamore St. The board approved the project with conditions, including the addition of a buffer on the side that faces a farm in unincorporated Jackson County.

Cook Communities of Gainesville will be the developer. The property is currently owned by Jacobs Family Enterprises.

A lawyer for the developer said the townhouses would be a minimum of 1,600 sq. ft. and priced in the mid-$200,000 range.

The property is a narrow strip that wraps around from Danielsville St. to Sycamore St.

This project and the others approved by the planning board will next go to the Jefferson City Council for final action.


A commercial building and a new antique store could also be coming to Jefferson following action by the planning board.

The board approved a rezoning and two variances for Jeremy and Delina Kozop at the intersection of Hill St. and Mahaffey St. (across from Cream and Shuga) for the project. The move will allow the project to rehabilitate three vacant buildings on the property.

The board approved two variances, including waiving the mandate for a sidewalk and allowing parking in front of the buildings facing Mahaffey St.


Six single family homes could be developed on Gordon St. in Jefferson following the approval of a rezoning and two variances by the planning board.

The property, 1.5 acres across from Fairfield Dr., was approved to be rezoned to Planned Community Development for the project. The board also approved a preliminary plat for the project.


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