Leticia Samuels (left) of Exon Mobile presented a check for $1,000 to Jefferson High School principal Brian Moore at the Jefferson Board of Education meeting Nov. 14 for school math programs.

The Jefferson City School System is expected to reach its growth peak in the year 2050 at 5,368 students according to a recent study commissioned by the school.

The Jefferson Board of Education discussed the report at its recent board retreat held Nov. 14-15.

The "student potential analysis" done by the firm Cooperative Strategies mapped projected residential growth in the city based on the town's existing city limits. The study assumes the city will permit 100 new homes each year until all the available real estate in the city has been developed. It also factors in the age of existing homes and the extent of students coming from that existing housing stock.

The analysis projects the school system will see a growth wave of over 1,000 students between now and 2025, from 3,791 students to 4,866.

That trend is then projected to plateau until 2037 when another growth wave hits, driving student enrollment up to 5,368 in the year 2050.

After that, enrollment is projected to decline until it reaches a stable enrollment of 4,082 in 2080.


Other topics discussed during the board's retreat were:

• A review of the system's new emergency alert system and upcoming security system projects, including additional security cameras at the football stadium, field house and schools; expanding the emergency alert system to off-campus school facilities; greater access controls at school facilities; software upgrades for visitor management and emergency management; and additional screen monitoring software for the system's Chromebooks used by students.

• A review of the system's early learning center at Jefferson Elementary School.

• A review of system finances for FY2019 and projections for FY2020.

• A discussion of The 7 Mindsets program to help students cope with emotional and relationship challenges.

• A discussion about improving the system's communications networks and efforts.

• A discussion of possible locations to add more classrooms to the Jefferson High School campus. Superintendent John Jackson said the system's most pressing need will be for additional space at the middle school facility.


Prior to its retreat, the board met and approved two items:

• the purchase of an 84-passenger school bus for $108,000.

• an addendum to the tennis courts resurfacing bid for $6,240.


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