A Jefferson Elementary School 2nd grader was slated to return to class this week after a steak knife was found in his book bag on Sept. 19.

While the incident left some parents upset, school officials said this week that they don't believe the 8-year-old had malicious intent.

According to a report from the Jefferson Police Department, the child also had a list of names of fellow students who he wanted to "arrest" or "ticket" while playing a cop.

"Apparently, the juvenile thought he needed something like the police have (a weapon) to better play his games as a police officer," the report said.

The report also said that "at no time did the juvenile brandish the knife and threaten any student or use the knife in any offensive manner toward anyone."

However, a police report quoted by an Atlanta television station about the incident quoted officers as saying the boy had been in a dispute with some other boys the day before and that he had brought the knife to the school to scare the other boys. This newspaper was not given a copy of the police report which had that information.

Because of his age, the student doesn't face any criminal charges, although the police report was forwarded to the Department of Juvenile Justice for review.

The student was reportedly suspended for several days following the incident.

Superintendent John Jackson said he doesn’t believe the student had any malicious intent and said the incident had been mischaracterized.

Jackson said the school system handled the situation the same way it would any incident involving a student bringing a knife to school. 


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