All three school systems in Jackson County saw their overall CCRPI scores drop in 2019 from the year before.

That trend followed the overall state scores, which also fell in the year-over-year comparison.

The CCRPI is the state's main report card on local school systems and individual schools. It factors in several areas, including standardized test scores and graduation rates (for high schools).

The Commerce City School System was the only local system whose overall score of 74 was below the state average of 75.9.  

The Jefferson City School System was the highest in Jackson County at 90.3 while the Jackson County School System was at 78.9.


Among local high schools, Jefferson High School had the highest CCRPI score at 88.3, but that was significantly below the school's 2018 score of 92.8.

Commerce High School improved its score from 2018, going from 75.2 to 76.8, but that was still slightly below the overall state high school average of 77.0

Both Jackson County Comprehensive High School and East Jackson Comprehensive High School improved their CCRPI scores this year and both were well above the state high school average.

JCCHS had a score of 84.2, up from 82.9 the year before. EJCHS had a score of 87.2, up form 83.7 in 2018.


Among the area's weakest results on the CCRPI were:

• Commerce Primary School with a score of 62.8, down significantly from its 2018 score of 93.4.

• 8th graders at EJCHS with a score of 62.9, down from 76.4 the year before.

• North Jackson Elementary School with a score of 67.6, down from 85.6 in 2018.


2019 CCRPI

State Results

Overall 75.9

Elementary schools  77.1

Middle schools  72.1

High schools 77.0

Commerce City School System

Overall 74.0

CES  77.1

CHS  76.8

CMS  76.2

CMS 5th graders 76.0

CPS  62.8

Jackson County School System

Overall 81.7

EJCHS 8th graders  62.9

EJCHS 87.2

EJES 84.9

EJMS 75.5

GSES 80.3

JCCHS 84.2

MES 74.2

NJES 67.6

SJES 71.7

WJES 76.8

WJMS 80.4

Jefferson City School System

Overall 91.2

JA  92.6

JES 87.7

JHS 88.3

JMS  88.6


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