Brad Coker

Brad Coker

What in your background makes you qualified for this position?

I have lived in Commerce for over 12 years with more recent dealings fighting city council/government since 2016 regarding my own commercial property that they will not allow any type of automotive work to be done, even though that’s what it was built for. When asked what they want there, their response is always... “Your plans do not follow our plans.”

How do you think Commerce’s growth should be managed in the coming years?

The growth in this city needs to be handled with common sense through transparency and input from the citizens that live here. Currently, I do not believe that the citizens have had any say at all of the businesses that have come in lately. Not that I mind that these businesses are here, but they are all outsiders, and the local citizens that have lived here for years have been put out of business or have not been allowed to start businesses due to property code issues that don’t make any sense. My main goal for management of this city is to give the citizens a voice and make sure they know that they have someone actually on their side.

What are the top three issues facing Commerce in the next 10 years? If elected, how would you address these issues?

Cost of living with high cost power bills and property taxes. I will push the council to lower the cost of utilities and lower taxes. The only way I can do this is to be elected into the city council representing Ward 2.

Small businesses that are being shut down or have had to shut down due harassment caused by property codes that make no sense. I will be fighting to overhaul property codes with input from the citizens and business owners of Commerce, and not letting the “politicians” decide what’s best, since they only do what’s best for them and their pockets.

Housing being built way too close. I would recommend minimum ¾ acre lots with a 2,100 square foot home.

Please provide a brief biography of yourself.

I am a 49-year-old husband and father of three awesome kids. I was born and raised in Gwinnett County and moved to Commerce over 12 years ago after the birth of my youngest child. I have been active in the community as a baseball and football assistant coach for the recreation department and I am currently assisting with coaching the girls high school volleyball team. My hobbies and interests include cars, motorcycles, racing and a lot more.

Professionally, I have been in the construction business since I was a young adult, and I have run several successful small businesses. I am a very straightforward and honest person that’s not afraid to speak my mind.


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