The disruptions from Covid during the last school year had an impact on student learning state leaders said last week with the release of the annual Milestone test results.

Overall, scores dropped for students across the state compared to previous years, in large part due to the impact of Covid on classroom instruction. 

“Georgia Milestones was designed to measure instruction during a typical school year, and 2020-2021 was anything but," State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “Given the impacts of the pandemic on all students, we expected some decreases this year."

Federal funds were made available to local school systems to help remediate the loss of learning during the last school year.

The results of Milestones in Jackson County schools varied widely from school to school.

One snapshot of those results is the percentage of students who were not reading on grade level. That varied from a low of just 10.6% for 5th Graders at Jefferson Academy to a high of 51.6% for Jackson County Comprehensive High School students taking American Literature.

State education officials said that the year's results should not be compared to prior years due to the Covid impact.

The following is a snapshot of scores for local schools:

Below Grade-Level Reading

3rd Graders

WJES  26%

EJES  30.7%

GSES  45.5%

MES  48.1%

NJES  43.8%

SJES  48.2%

CES  24.6%

JES  12.5%

5th Graders

WJES  28.8%

EJES  27.1%

GSES  29.9%

MES  48.9%

NJES  39.8%

SJES  42.9%

CMS  20.3%

JA  10.6%

8th Graders

EJCHS  47.8%

WJMS  27.2%

CMS  19.4%

JMS  8.8%

High Schools, American Lit.

Reading Below Grade Level

EJCHS  41.9%

JCCHS  51.6%

CHS  18.5%

JHS  13.8%


5th Grade 

Beginning-Learner %

WJES  30.9%

EJES  11.8%

GSES  17.9%

MES 21.3%

NJES  32.5%

SJES  35.7%

CMS  27.5%

JA  3.3%

8th Grade

Beginning-Learner %

EJCHS  31.9%

WJMS  37.8%

CMS  23.4%

JMS 6.0%

High School Algebra 1

Beginning-Learner %

EJCCHS  24.5%

JCCHS  48.4%

WJMS  4.7%

High School Coordinate Algebra

Beginning-Learner %

CHS  18.9%

JHS  7.8%


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