Mark Mobley

Mark Mobley

Jefferson City Council member Mark Mobley announced this week that he will run for re-election as the District 4 Council representative.

Mobley said that, if re-elected, he will continue to prioritize families, Jefferson City Schools, public safety and quality-of-life issues.

“Jefferson is my hometown. In my lifetime, we’ve grown from a mill village to a thriving city,” said Mobley. “Through the changes, our families and the city schools have been the heart of this place. My goal as a representative is to maintain that environment by making sure any growth is held to high standards.”

Mobley has represented District 4 since 2012 and said he's tried to emphasize listening to the public during his time on the council.

“All of us together are smarter than any of us individually, including myself. Whether it is a town hall meeting, social media apps, emails or phone calls, I make better decisions when I hear the voice of the people. The major projects that I’ve championed during my time on council, such as the new playgrounds, public safety improvements around Memorial Stadium, or the paving of Old Swimming Pool Road, all originated with people living in my district.”

“I believe that our government is responsible to our citizens,” said Mobley. “While I’ve been on council, we’ve lowered the millage rate from 6.398 to 5.585 mills. I’ve championed improving our project management and communication as a city. Transparency and responsiveness are keystones to good government.”

When asked about the growth that has come to Jefferson, Mobley replied, “I have learned from cities who prioritized growth and profits over quality-of-life and community values. I believe that we’ll have a better future if we find people who want to invest in Jefferson instead of simply build in Jefferson. That’s the reason I’ve advocated for raising our code standards for planning and zoning. Growth should add value to our city, not headaches.”

Mobley is the executive director of Center Point, a nonprofit agency that serves the students and families of Hall County. He is the former senior pastor of The Jefferson Church. His wife, Robbin Mobley, is part of the team at Jefferson Academy. Their children, Mackenzie and Evan, are graduates of Jefferson City Schools.


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