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Monday, March 16

6 a.m.

News you may have missed over the weekend:

• Northeast Georgia had its first reported COVID cases with two in Athens and two at NGMC in Braselton.

• Voting for the March 24 election has been suspended and the elections moved to May.

• The Jefferson City School System reversed an earlier decision and will close schools starting Tuesday. All three school systems in the county are now being shut down due to the virus.

• All local school and recreation sporting events have been canceled.

• Most local community events have been postponed or canceled. 

• Shoppers hammered local grocery stores over the last four days buying up goods to prepare for a general shutdown and home isolation. Stores are restocking.

• A number of local churches closed Sunday and other will stop programs this week.

• The president and governor declared emergencies over the weekend, moves that should free up funds to help reimburse local government expenses created by the virus crisis.

• Local hospitals and nursing homes have restricted visitor access. Local jails have also restricted visitor access.

• Local courts will likely see some of their hearings delayed or changed following an order from the state Supreme Court over the weekend.

 • Some local governments and businesses are changing how they operate to limit unnecessary contact with the public.

• The governor prepared to mobilize the National Guard to help with the emergency if they are needed.

Non-COVID stories you may have missed

• Hoschton mayoral candidate Hope Weeks has dropped out of the race, making Shannon Sell the town's next mayor.

• A hearing was slated today by the Jackson County Board of Elections to re-hear allegations that Hoschton council candidate James Lawson doesn't reside in the town. Judge Joe Booth remanded the decision back to the BOE after Lawson challenged his disqualification.

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