Nicholson’s city attorney reached the same conclusion as the SPLOST 5 Citizens Review Committee regarding Mayor Ronnie Maxwell’s expenditure of $10,607 to pave what he calls “old James Maxwell Road.”

It was an illegal use of special purpose local option sales tax revenue.

Jody Campbell, last week, submitted the results of the investigation requested by the Nicholson City Council. It contained 12 pages of narrative and 106 pages of documents.

“The physical evidence suggests that the disputed area has been used exclusively as a private drive since the relocation of James Maxwell Road in 2005,” the report notes.

Campbell, an attorney with Rubin Lublin LLC, Peachtree Corners, also countered Maxwell’s prior statements that the newly-paved section is a Nicholson city street.

“I have found absolutely no evidence that the city has attempted to exercise control over the disputed area or otherwise treated this area as a public street,” the report said.

On July 17, the SPLOST 5 Citizens Review Committee declared in a 5-3 vote that the project was an inappropriate use of SPLOST money. The following Monday, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to ask the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and district attorney Brad Smith to investigate. The GBI had already started an investigation. The BOC asked Smith to report his findings at the BOC’s September meeting.

Campbell also had little good to say about the city’s record keeping, at one point observing in regard to a March 14 city council meeting, “The minutes of this meeting, like all minutes reviewed during this investigation, contain extremely few details.”

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