Nicholson hopes to resume its municipal court as reports of infractions have piled up.

The court has been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the city and is without a municipal judge.

Mayor Jan Webster read out various reported code infractions to Nicholson council members during their Aug. 3 meeting. Many of the violations involved “junk” being left in yards.

“We’ve got to get that municipal court going,” Webster said. “We’ve got cases that are waiting on going to court.”

City attorney Jody Campbell said a candidate for a new municipal court judge should be presented to the city “very shortly.”

In other business, the council:

•heard that the city received $29,351 in CARES act money for expenses related to COVID-19. The money can only be spent on unexpected expenses brought on by the pandemic. The money received is the first phase of funding and must be spent by Sept. 30.

•approved a $5,200 bid from Simmons Heating and Air out of Commerce to install an air conditioning unit at John Deere Hall at the city’s Benton Center. The city sought, unsuccessfully, for bids from five other companies. Webster said there’s “serious interest” from businesses seeking to rent the space for offices.

•specified that rumble strips on Jefferson Rd. were installed by the department of transportation, not the city.

•heard that the city’s application for USDA loan for the Benton Center sprinkler system has been submitted. Half of the expense will be funded through grant money, while the other half will be covered through a low-interest loan.

•discussed posting speed limit signs on a recently-paved Benton Center Way, which comes off Hwy. 441 and leads to a day care. The council also discussed striping that road.

•discussed gathering in person for its next meeting in a space that will allow proper distancing in adherence to COVID-19 safety guidelines.


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