The November surge in Covid cases in Jackson County — and across the country — continued over the last week as at least one school in the county closed and moved to online classes due to the outbreak.

West Jackson Elementary School will close Nov. 18 due to having over 20% of its students and staff under quarantine. The school plans to reopen Nov. 30 if the cases go back down.

School officials said the large number of virus cases "has greatly affected the daily operations of our schools."

Last week, the Jackson County School System had 5.3% (449) of its students and staff on quarantine due to the virus with 19 active positive cases.


Locally, the death total to date has been 46 in Jackson County with four other deaths suspected to be linked to Covid.

Some 232 people have been hospitalized since March with the virus and 2,800 people have been confirmed with Covid in the county.

A big worry are the trend lines in Jackson County. These are troubling in the three main areas where tracking of the virus is done:

• The number of cases per 100,000 people has now topped 400 over the last two weeks, a moderately high rate.

• The number of new cases per day over the last week hit 25.0, very close to the county's record of 26.1set on Sept. 4.

• The percentage of positive cases (out of all those tested) hit a new high on Nov. 12 at 17.2 based on a 7-day rolling average.


Last week, the Jefferson City School System had 4.8% of its students and 1.8% of its staff absent due to Covid exposure.

The Commerce City School System had 14 student or staff members on quarantine due to the virus.


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