Planners recently gave the initial nod on a request that would allow alcohol sales at a future Jefferson convenience store.

The Jefferson-Talmo Planning Commission voted July 6 to recommend approving the request for Ken Byce for 3.65 acres on Hwy. 129 Business at its intersection with Storey Ln.

The Jefferson City Council will hold a second hearing on the matter July 13.

Byce is requesting a change in zoning conditions to remove a rule prohibiting retail or wholesale sale of alcohol on the property.

One man spoke in opposition of the request, citing concerns with the close proximity to day-cares and a church. (The property is located across from Faith Baptist Church.)

In a letter of intent, Byce said the current buyer wants to construct a convenience store on the lower part of the property away from the church (near the mini-storage buildings). The buyer plans to hold onto the corner across from the church and sell or develop it in the future, Byce said. A car wash is also planned on the site.

Planning consultant Jerry Weitz said the condition was previously placed on the property when the city's rules prohibited the sale of alcohol within 300 feet of a church. But the city's rules have since changed, in conformance with state regulations, and now only liquor sales are banned within 300 feet of a church.


Other items approved at the July 6 planning commission meeting were:


•an annexation and zoning request by John Rogers for 6.36 acres off Dry Pond Rd. near the intersection with Plainview Rd. Rogers is requesting a light industrial zoning and plans to continue using the property for truck trailer repair, parking and office space (the existing use on the property).

•an annexation and zoning request for Dylan Cantrell on 10 acres off Galilee Church Rd. Cantrell is requesting an agricultural residential zoning and plans to use the property for single-family dwellings. A condition was recommended that would limit the number of residences on the property to two for the next 10 years. Cantrell agreed to the condition.

The requests will also be heard at the Jefferson City Council meeting July 13.


•an annexation and zoning request by Michael Trey Davis for 119 acres on Pond Fork Church Rd. Davis is requesting an agricultural zoning and plans agricultural/residential/conservation use for the property.

•an annexation and zoning request by Cheryl Fletcher for 5 acres on Pond Fork Church Rd. Fletcher is requesting a rural residential zoning and plans rural residential use for the property. (This annexation must be approved for the Davis annexation to be valid to prevent an unincorporated island.)

•an annexation and zoning request for Rachel Bruce for 4.5 acres on Midland Rd. near Main St./Belmont Hwy. Bruce wants a rural residential zoning. Bruce plans a rural residential use on the property.

The Talmo City Council will hold another hearing on those requests at its July 28 meeting.


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