The Jackson County Planning Commission gave recommendations of approval to two proposed projects on May 27, but recommended denial of two projects near Commerce.

The board voted to recommend denial to a proposed residential subdivision at 1902 Old Hoods Mill Rd., Commerce. Du South Surveying & Engineering had requested a map amendment for a proposed 21-lot development.

The project was opposed by a number of nearby neighbors who cited traffic, runoff and the impact on schools as possible problems with the development.

The board also recommended denial of a map change for a proposed residential project on 10.3 acres at 524 Dan Waters Rd., Commerce.


A proposal for a large compost business near Commerce was withdrawn from the planning commission's agenda at the request of the developers.

Atlas Organics had wanted to build a composting facility on 106 acres on Yarbrough Ridgeway Rd. The South Carolina-based company had earlier tried, but failed to have the property annexed and rezoned by the City of Commerce.

The facility would take in food waste, leaves, woody materials, grass clippings and other organic material, blend it into an organic compost then sell the finished product to area farms. 


In other action on May 27, planners gave a recommendation of approval for a residential project of 16 houses on 17.6 acres at 3110 Ila Rd. and Club Drive, Commerce. That project was also proposed by DuSouth Surveying & Engineering.

Several neighbors in that area were opposed to the project. One person said the owned 16 lots in the neighboring golf community and he couldn't sell those now and would be hurt more if additional lots adjacent to the development were allowed.

The board also gave a recommendation of approval to Keith Hayes at 1105 Winder Hwy., Jefferson, to change the map from residential to commercial so that a house could be used for commercial space.


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