Those previously selected as “Newsmakers of the Year” were:

•2020 Jennifer Logan, Jackson County Elections director

•2019 Hoschton Recall Committee

•2018 Marty Clark and the ag facility steering committee

•2017 Warehouse growth

•2016 Mark Beardsley, Commerce News editor

•2015 Steve Nichols, director of public safety

•2014 John Jackson, Jefferson City Schools superintendent

•2013 April Howard, Jackson County Schools superintendent

•2012 Brantley Gilbert, country musician

•2011 Shannon Adams, county school superintendent

•2010 Shane Short, chamber of commerce president

•2009 Katherine Rintoul, Scott Rogers and Bill Garner, Pendergrass “whistleblowers”

•2008 Shaun Whitehead, solider killed in Iraq

•2007 Darren Glenn, Jefferson police chief

•2006 Kathy Wilbanks, county BOE chairman

•2005 Pat Graham, Braselton mayor

•2004 Stan Evans, sheriff

•2003 Concerned Citizens of Jackson County

•2002 Scott Martin, IDA chair

•2001 Emil Beshara, BOC

•2000 Jerry Waddell, BOC chair

•1999 Rep. Scott Tolbert

•1998 Richard Cathey, chamber of commerce

•1997 Pat Bell, commissioner

•1996 Citizens United for a Better Jackson County

•1995 Ronnie Hopkins, Jefferson BOE chairman, and Andy Byers, Jackson County superintendent

•1994 Jerry Waddell, BOC chair

•1993 Charles Segars, Arcade mayor

•1992 Bill Mahaffey, BOC chair

•1991 Sandy Beem, concerned citizen

•1990 Henry Robinson, BOC chair

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