The following recent arrests were reported by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, the Arcade, Braselton, Commerce and Jefferson police departments and the Georgia State Patrol:


•Willie Thomas Hanna, 37, 15 Jefferson Trace, Jefferson — two counts of probation violation.

•Timothy Andrew Hardigree, 41, 213 Woodlawn Dr., Auburn — 48-hour probation hold, failure to register as a sex offender.

•Kent Massey, 47, 534 Richard Bridges Rd., Commerce — probation violation.

•Brian Kevin Powers, 45, 7705 Maysville Rd., Maysville — veterans court incarceration.

•Christopher Djon Cousan, 24, 513 30th St., Gulfport, Miss. — reckless driving, speeding (123 in a 70 mph zone).

•Jessica Leann Little, 39, 1903 B. Whitfield Rd., Jefferson — possession of methamphetamine, driving under the influence of drugs, failure to maintain lane.

•Billy Christoper Stancil, 46, 188 Ramblers Inn Rd., Jefferson — public drunkenness.

•Jerry Dan Grissom, 44, 178 Double Bridges Rd., Jefferson — two counts of failure to appear.

•Brian Michael Thompson, 52, 255 South Church St., Buford — probation violation.

•David Hugh Flint, 50, 39 Antebellum Lnb, Tiger — probation violation.

•Jeremy Dennis Maney, 30, 5292 Trudy Circle, Gainesville — possession of methamphetamine.

•Andrew Lewis Mason, 32, 508 Windy. Hill Rd., Jefferson —  possession of methamphetamine.

•Daniel Sean Allor, 34, 124 Johnson Dr., Athens — held for another agency.

•Hunter Gregory Blayton, 17, 1440 Jefferson Station Rd., Jefferson — open container, theft by taking.

•Mason Michael Mingus, 17, 1684 Burnt Oak Ct., Jefferson — open container, theft by taking.

•Avery Scott Nelms, 17, 558 J.T. Elrod Rd., Athens — driving under the influence of alcohol (under 21), open container, theft by taking.

•Tyson Henry Thurmond, 18, 170 Wild Wood Place, Jefferson — open container, theft by taking.

•Corey James Yarbrough, 50, 310 Heather Cove, Athens — driving while license suspended, headlight violation.


•Savonn Lorenzo Peoples, 26, 1310 Marlow Dr., Gainesville — driving under the influence of drugs less safe, driving with a suspended license, failure to maintain lane, failure to obey a traffic control device, marijuana possession (less than one ounce).


•Jose Trinidad Gutierrez Garcia, 20, Troot Ln., Commerce — driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a valid license, fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, held for another agency, littering, open container, speeding.

•Jamaal Rashawn Ramsey, 30, 5424 Daywalt Ave., Baltimore, Md. — possession of alcohol, drugs and weapons inside guad line; possession and use of drug-related objects; possession of marijuana with intent to distribute; possession of marijuana; speeding.

•Jose Javier Tehuintle Calihua, 23, 350 Debois Rd., Biloxi, Miss. — littering, open container, obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Jacks Daniel Mays, 37, 3478 Pierce Drive, Gainesville — criminal trespass


•Joshua Larry Kirby, 29, 134 Bates Rd., Liberty, S.C. – driving with a suspended license, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of methamphetamine.

•Conner Michael Ferrell, 19, 8 Oak Dr., Greenville, S.C. — driving under the influence of multiple substances; furnishing, purchasing and possession of alcoholic beverages by persons below the legal limit; identity theft fraud when using identification information concerning a person; marijuana possession (less than one ounce); open container; possession and use of drug-related objects; possession of a firearm or knife during commission or attempt to commit a crime; removing or affixing license plate with the intent to conceal.

•Katina Brooke Sims, 38, 215 Sims St., Maysville — driving on roadways laned for traffic, operation of a vehicle with out current license plate, possession of a Schedule I controlled substance (heroin).

•Alyssa Denice Barrett, 19, 22 Webb St., Greenville — furnishing, purchasing and possession of alcoholic beverages low the legal age; possession of marijuana (less than one ounce); open container; possession and use of drug-related objects.


•Kyle Jacob Bennett, 29, 508 Dixie Red Ave., Jefferson — obstructing or hindering persons from making an emergency telephone call.

•Martin Lee Buffington, 30, 133 Brittany Ln., Jefferson — two counts of terroristic threats and acts.

•Kenneth Arlin Herrin III, 50, 967 Lynn Ave., Jefferson — simple battery.

•Steve Edward Crumb, 45, 2525 Chickapee St., Gainesville — driving under the influence of alcohol.

•Travis Scott Latham, 39, 1629 Bismwark Cir., Winder — theft by taking, burglary.


•Darell Ramon Murray, 38, 223 Sergeant St., Hartford, Ct. — maximum limits (111 mph in a 70 mph zone), obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Alton Lucious Stephens, 57, 75 Lynn Ave., Jefferson — driving with a suspended license, tail light violation.

•Mariale Monae Dehart, 32, 1712 South Lawn Ave., Richmond, Va. — driving while license suspended, marijuana possession (less than one ounce), maximum limits (87 mph in 70 mph zone).

•Johnny Key Holliday, 59, 481 Lebanon Church Rd., Jefferson — possession of methamphetamine, driving under the influence (driving less safe), expired tag, failure to maintain lane, probation violation, held for another agency.

•Robert Evan Firment, 32, 606 Academy Woods Dr., Jefferson — driving under the influence, failure to maintain lane, writing/sending/reading texted-based communications.

•Selina Kaye Watts, 42, 386 Baxter Rd., Commerce – held for another agency.


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