Jessica Worsham

Jessica Worsham

A woman who shot a Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputy on Friday (Nov. 5) in West Jackson had previously voiced intense hatred toward local judges and law enforcement officers.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has confirmed the shooter as Jessica Worsham, a 43-year-old woman who reportedly pulled a firearm on deputies during a domestic call at a Hwy. 124 residence. Authorities had been called to the property because a homeowner wanted a non-resident to leave. According to the GBI, Worsham was ordered to put down her weapon, but shot at deputies, striking and injuring a female deputy, Lena Marshall. Another deputy returned fire, striking and killing Worsham. Marshall, the injured deputy, was taken to a trauma center in critical condition.

In the weeks leading up to the Nov. 5 shooting, Worsham recorded tirades against multiple Jackson County judges and police officers in videos posted on social media.

Much of her hatred apparently stemmed from a custody dispute she was involved with in the Jackson County court system. On Sept. 14, Superior Court Judge Currie Mingledorff ordered primary, temporary physical custody of Worsham’s two children to her ex-husband. The ex-husband cited Worsham’s erratic behavior and said she had not enrolled the children in school. Worsham refused to enter the courthouse for the hearing. She was reported missing later that day. In the two months following the Sept. 14 court decision, Worsham has posted a multitude of videos slamming the local court system.

Worsham verbally attacked Judge Mingledorff in many of her videos.

“I’m not gonna back down mother f—-er,” she said.

Worsham continued, saying the law didn’t mean “s—t” to her and making veiled threats toward Judge Mingledorff.

“You’re gonna regret ever getting yourself involved in trying to take my children from me,” she said.

Worsham added she hoped Mingledorff would have reinforcements, referring to law enforcement officers.

“You might want to warn them, though,” she said.

Worsham, a self-proclaimed psychic, also claimed to have put a hex on the Jackson County Courthouse and a curse on Chief Magistrate Benjamin Green.

She also spoke about the two county judges being in a “secret society” and said she could speak with them telepathically.

Worsham’s threats extended to Sheriff Janis Mangum.

“If you come after me, I’m just telling you now…it ain’t gonna go down pretty. No kind of pretty is going to come out of anything. And that’s not a threat, that’s a promise,” she said.

Worsham mentioned physical violence in several videos, and referred to her gun, “Betty,” multiple times.

“Try mother f—kers, try,” Worsham said, referring to the judicial system taking her kids away. “I double f—king dare you to try because I’ve got a gun in there with bullets and y’all’s names on it.”

In many posts, Worsham seemed preoccupied with death and going out in a “blaze of glory.”

“If y’all come for me, you know what to expect, and I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid to go down. In a blaze of glory. ‘Cause that’s how I’m going down,” she said.

The most recent posts are from the night of the shooting. Those posts show the chaotic domestic dispute that seems to have directly led up to the 911 call on Friday (Nov. 5). The video shows multiple adults arguing with one man lying on the floor while a woman stood over him. Another man at the residence asked Worsham — who was standing off to the side in the video — to leave. Juveniles were present during the incident and were recording at Worsham’s instruction. The juveniles can be heard in the background of the video, crying and saying they were afraid.

A second video posted Friday evening appears to have captured the sounds from the shooting. Approximately 16-17 gunshots can be heard in the video. That video, too, appeared to have been recorded by one of the juveniles.

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