A Hoschton girl is celebrating her birthday with thousands of people across the world.

Jordan Little, who turns 9 years old this month, has received countless birthday cards and gifts after her mom, Jessica, posted a TikTok video that went viral.

In the viral video, Jessica asked viewers to send in birthday cards for Jordan. The response was overwhelming.

“We’ve opened roughly 2,000 packages,” said Jessica. “…We’re thinking we have around 12,000 cards to open. We’ve maybe opened 1,500 so far.”

By Monday afternoon, July 12, the family estimated they'd received 20,000 cards.


Jordan has always loved checking the mail and likes to look through the different letters delivered to their family.

Her mom recalls her saying, "one day, someone’s going to send me something."

Jessica decided to record a video of Jordan checking the mail one day, then she posted it on Facebook to see if family and friends would send cards throughout the month of July. She later posted it on TikTok, thinking she'd receive a handful of cards from viewers.

“Even if only 50 people end up doing it and she got a handful of mail every day in July, that was kind of my thought,” said Jessica. “…I was not expecting it to go viral.”

She posted the video on a Wednesday night and the next morning, the video had gotten almost 1 million views and thousands of comments.

That Friday, the family checked the post office box and they’d received four packages and a handful of mail. The next day, “everything went crazy.”

Jessica and Jordan had been sleeping in on Saturday morning when Jessica’s husband, Brandon, woke her up.

“My husband comes up at 7:45 in the morning and said, ‘um, I think you need to wake up,’” Jessica recalled.

He told her the post office had called and that they’d be at the house in 30 minutes and that they were bringing "a lot of people." Jessica hadn’t yet told Jordan about the video, so when the multiple mail trucks and vans arrived, she was shocked.

“I was still wearing my pajamas and socks,” said Jordan.

The United State Postal Service dropped off countless cards and packages mailed to Jordan. Jessica had warned the local post office branch about the potential for additional mail and she said the delivery crew was excited, hugging Jordan and wishing her a “happy birthday.” The video was also shared on a USPS Facebook page and mail staff from across the country have sent in cards.

Jordan has received parcels from residents of every state within the United States and as far away as Ireland and Switzerland.

“We’re absolutely blown away,” said Jessica. “I didn’t even have a thought in my mind that something like this would happen.”

“Thank you so much,” Jordan added.


Both Jessica and Jordan say the amount of kindness they’ve seen has been overwhelming.

“The cards have the sweetest things written in them,” said Jessica. “We definitely feel loved.”

Jessica added that people put a lot of time and effort into the letters and gifts and that some were homemade or personalized.

“There’s good people in the world, that’s for sure,” she said.

Now the Little family is looking to share the love.

“With the amount of stuff we’ve gotten, clearly she can’t keep it all,” said Jessica. “So we’re going to be doing lots of donating.”

The family recently put together a big package for a child battling leukemia in Arizona. They’re working this week to send a package to a little girl whose family that lost everything in a fire.

“We’re just going to look for anywhere and everywhere that we can spread some joy,” said Jessica.

Those who want to send packages or cards can mail them to P.O. Box 131, Hoschton, GA 30548. The family is also asking for donations in Jordan’s honor to The Hand Me Down Zoo and St. Jude’s. Those wishing to donate can do so by visiting https://linktr.ee/Jordansmiles

You can view the videos on Jessica’s TikTok account at @jordansmom86


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