A proposal that could lead to a townhome development on the Winder Hwy. in Jefferson got a lot of pushback from neighbors during a recent public hearing on the matter.

Developers got approval in a 2-1 vote of the Jackson County Planning Commission for a map amendment from "suburban" to "urban" for 12.3 acres at 2877 Winder Hwy., Jefferson. The  initial plan was to build 50 townhouse.

But a spokesman for the project said there was flexibility in the plans, including the possibility of changing the project to single-family homes. 

Several residents from the neighboring Briarcrest Subdivision voiced opposition to plans to put townhouses on the property, citing the higher density than surrounding property and the impact on traffic in the area.

The developers will now have to get the map amendment approved by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners, then come back to the JCPC for a zoning request. At that time, more specific plans for the property will be required.

The planning board was clearly conflicted about the map amendment request since map amendment approval can't carry any conditions. A motion to deny died due to the lack of a second, then motion to approved died for a lack of a second. A motion to approve with conditions was withdrawn after county officials noted no conditions could be put on a map change.

Another round of motions led to a final 2-1 vote to approve the map change.


In other action, the planning board:

• approved a map amendment for 113.6 acres on County Farm Rd. Jefferson for a 63 lot subdivision. Developers had to clean up an old landfill on the property, a situation that delayed the project for several months.

• agreed to table a special use request until May for a composting facility on Yarbrough Ridgeway Rd. in Commerce.

* agreed to remove from consideration a request to allow 60 ft. lot widths for a large subdivision on P. J. Roberts Rd. in Jefferson. The move came at the advice of the county attorney.

• agreed to a rezoning at the corner of Hwy. 332 and Skelton Rd. for 64 acres for a large subdivision being done by Heritage Homes. But the board denied a special use request for the project for a master planned subdivision.

• approved a rezoning request  for a 4-lot development on 8.4 acres at the corner of Hwy. 124 and White Plains Church Rd.

• approved a map amendment for 9.1 acres at 1044 Raford Wilson Rd.  from commercial to residential.

• denied a map amendment at 2435 Hwy. 124 West, Jefferson, for 6.3 acres  from agricultural/forestry and public institutional to commercial. The developer wants to build mini-warehouses on the property.

• approved a map amendment for 5 lots on 13.5 acres at 5259 Brockton Loop Rd.

• approved a rezoning from A-2 to R-1 for two lots on 2.75 acres at 338 B. Wilson Rd., Commerce.

• approved a rezoning from A-2 to commercial for a retail center at 1596 Ridgeway Church Rd. The project is across the road from the SK Battery plant.


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