Lily Moore

Lily Moore

Jefferson High School student Lily Moore has accomplished more than most people dream of. She’s narrated a children’s book, traveled across the world, modeled for national companies and starred in movies and television shows. Moore, who has Down syndrome, is also an international advocate for people with disabilities.

Moore is a senior at Jefferson High School and is active in school activities, from FCA and chorus, to varsity basketball cheerleading.

She’s also been acting for about six years now and fell in love with drama at the age of six.

“Me and my family used to live in Europe (for about three years) and over there in school, I took a drama class and loved it,” she recalled. “Once we moved back, my mom got me an agent and from there, I got a lot of acting jobs. It’s been really fun so far.”

She did a number of jobs over the summer including one movie and two television shows.

“I’m very happy I was able to do that because some of it was huge,” she said. “I’m excited to see when it comes out.”

Her favorite character she’s played is “Rebecca,” a recurring role in the series “Never Have I Ever.” Moore describes the character as fun and sassy and someone who enjoys living life, all character traits she relates to.

Moore also enjoys modeling and has modeled for T.J. Maxx, Goodwill, several magazines and photographers. She also recently participated in her first fashion show in Los Angeles.

Moore’s also narrated a children’s book, “Different – A Great Thing to Be.”

She and her family also love traveling and have visited countries across the world. Moore’s favorite destinations have been Thailand, where she rode an elephant; Costa Rica, where she ziplined across a volcano; and Yellowstone, where she saw bison, elk, bears and Old Faithful.

She started a homeless ministry, HELP (Helping Everyone with Love and Passion), where she gives bags with essential items to homeless people.

“So far, I’ve given out over 1,000 bags in four years,” she said.

Moore is also a Champion Ambassador for Special Olympics, giving speeches all over the United States and Europe to advocate for people with disabilities.

“People with Down syndrome are unique, beautiful and brave,” Moore said.

She noted people with Down syndrome have a variety of capabilities.

“We don’t let our extra chromosome define who we are,” she said. “We make our own path in this world.”

She knows many people with Down syndrome who go to college and run their own businesses, from coffee shop owners to artists. She also met the first Down syndrome man to complete an Ironman.

Moore takes her role seriously as an advocate and wants people to know that people who have disabilities want the same things as those without disabilities.

“I think it’s important to speak out and make people aware that people with Down syndrome and other disabilities, we want the same things,” she said. “We want friends. We want to be invited to parties. We want to have jobs. We want to live alone. And we also want to go to college. And there’s so much more.”

“There’s so much more to us than disabilities,” she added. “I love being a voice and to show the world that we are more alike than different.”

Moore’s future goal is to go to college one day and pursue a degree in physical therapy, in addition to continuing her acting and modeling career. Her big dreams include starring as a series regular in a television show and/or movie series and hopefully, one day become the first person with Down syndrome to win an Oscar.

Keep up with Moore’s work by following her on Instagram (@lilydmooreofficial).


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