A Jackson County Comprehensive High School graduate who moved to Nashville is starting to see his dreams come true with the release of his debut single, “Let Our Love Slip” on Feb. 27.

Nich Wright, a 2011 graduate of JCCHS, will have his debut single released on all major platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music and iHeartRadio on February 27. It can also be pre-ordered at a link in his social media bios on Facebook and Instagram @nichwrightmusic and at

Wright’s music career began at a young age, 5-years-old, when he was singing in southern Baptist churches across the southeast with his family's gospel group, The Wright Family.

“I was in the studio for the first time also when I was five years old at Land Records in Dacula singing on one of many The Wright Family gospel albums,” he said.

He began playing the guitar at age 10.

“I joined the West Jackson Middle School Band lead by William Kilgore and learned not only the alto saxophone and the art of reading sheet music, but also what it meant to be a decent human being,” he said. “That molding continued into my high school marching band career at JCCHS under the direction of the most inspiring influencers of my lifetime, Miles and Helen Adams. The constant push and demand for more from these individuals shaped who I am today.”

Wright began songwriting when he was 15-years-old and he began playing live when he was 17. The Nich Wright Band played many local venues over the years, including Wingslinger's in Braselton, Rachetti's in Jefferson, Tavern 53 in Braselton and many festivals in the area.

Wright said that 2021 is “looking to be our biggest year yet.”

“Moving to Nashville in 2020 saw many hurdles but we've jumped them all,” he said. “Now we have some exciting new music coming out of Nashville this year and will begin our spring tour, the ‘Written in Scars’ tour, beginning next month. We have show dates in Braselton, Ga, Athens, Ga, St. Marys, Ga, Tampa, Fla., and Nashville, Tenn., just to name a few and many more to come.”

Wright will be on 107.1 FM WJBB in Winder, Ga., on February 26 at 8 a.m. to promote the new single and that will be the first time anyone will be able to hear the full release before it drops on February 27.

“I would like to thank the people of Jackson County for the continued support over the years and allowing me the opportunity to make them proud,” Wright said. “All the fans, my family and the community are the reason I am where I am today…Most of my immediate family still lives in Jackson County, including my brothers and sisters, many cousins, nieces and nephews, who are musically talented as well, and so many friends and incredible fans!”


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