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Most of the growth in Jackson County in recent years has been on the west side of the county. You can see that in the county school system's student numbers which reflects massive growth to the west and stagnation to the east.

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I was excited a month ago when I finally got my first Covid vaccine and even more relieved two weeks later when I got the second and final dose.


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Georgia leaders from both parties recognize that the supply chain for electric vehicles need to go through our state. However, one ruling, by a little-known federal agency, has put the country’s green-energy goals and nearly 6,000 Georgia jobs at risk. The good news is that President Biden, …

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With the attempted insurgency in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6 and the tense inauguration of a new president there this week, you may have missed the fact that the Georgia Legislature is back in session in Atlanta.

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The Trump supporters who stormed into the U.S. Capitol last week finally did what four years of political opposition couldn't: They exposed the slimy underbelly of Trumpism in a way that is unmistakable and undeniable.

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During 2020, Hoschton focused on the needs of an aging infrastructure system as well as expansion of our existing services and staff to accommodate the growth brought about by the completion of several derelict residential subdivision developments, two new subdivision developments, a senior …

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Just this morning, a neighbor asked if I counsel 12-year-olds as her son is experiencing a high level of bullying at school. She said bullying in her son’s school has been much worse since Covid. Honestly, it makes sense to me.

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Given the robust election that has dominated the nation's news, it might seem like both the Democratic and Republican parties are unstoppable forces of political culture.