I’d hoped that at the end of the 2020 elections, Donald Trump and his divisive cultural war would fade into the dustbin of history where he and it belongs.

Alas, the nation is cursed to endure MAGA politics, misinformation and chaos for the foreseeable future.

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Jon Oblesen

To me, it looks like Trump's original mistake was not the hush money payoff to a p*rn star but being under the impression that Republicans / Evangelicals would care. Had he known their apathy towards the whole situation, he might've used Stormy in his campaign ads.

Carl Martin

Why does any of this matter anyway? Whether it's Bill Clinton lying about his sexual activities in the Oval Office (under oath) or other Dems or Repubs doing likewise. Why spend time writing about all of this foolishness? Payments from foreign adversaries to manipulate our government seem so much more important. We have a broken system -period.

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