When local schools reopen later this week, the main concern probably won't be Covid as it has been the last two years.

While Covid is still around — and burning through the community with a lot of cases right now — school debates over mask mandates and remote learning are being pushed to the background by a series of new concerns.

Mike Buffington is co-publisher of Mainstreet Newspapers. He can be reached at mike@mainstreetnews.com.

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Jon Oblesen

When I was growing up, Georgia history was taught in 8th grade. I had a fantastic teacher, who happened to be black. I remember starting the semester thinking that the civil war was fought primarily over slavery-- only to be taught by her that state's rights were central to the conflict and the issue of slavery was ancillary, at best. I'll never know if she was just doing her job and teaching by the book or if her beliefs on the Civil War's causes conflicted with the textbook; I suspect the latter. If so. that must've been a bitter pill to swallow everyday teaching young people. Thanks Mike.

Jay from Jefferson

"Pablum"? Mike, the meaning of your editorial is already above the level of understanding of a lot Jacksonians. Though the meaning by context was obvious, use of such an obscure word was unnecessary. Otherwise, I completely agree. As a child in Vicksburg MS, I was taught the Civil War was fought over state's rights not slavery. As an adult, I can read the list of those important rights which has slavery at the top.

FYI: pab·lum


Learn to pronounce


noun: pabulum; noun: pablum

bland or insipid intellectual fare, entertainment, etc.; pap.

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