During the Republican Primary to decide who would represent the GOP for U.S. Senate this year, candidate Gary Black warned that if his opponent Herschel Walker were nominated, the race would become all about Walker and his past.

Black, Georgia's state agricultural commissioner who hails from Commerce, was right.

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Jon Oblesen

Herschel on Healthcare: "Well, right now, people have coverage for healthcare is according to what type of coverage do you want – because if you have an able-bodied job, you’re going to have healthcare. But everyone else have health care is a type healthcare you’re gonna get. And I think that’s the problem. And what Senator Warnock want you to do us depend on the government. What I want you to do is get off the government healthcare and get on the healthcare he’s got [pointing to Sen. Warnock] to get you a better healthcare. So that’s what I’m trying to do to make you independent rather than dependent."

Krystie Chapman

My favorite part of the rules for making a comment on here is there is to be no degrading another person, no lying, no racism but yet this article and many others that by the same person are all of those things. He can degrade half of the country because he doesn't agree, he can be disgustingly racist towards Walker, and constantly lies, but the articles are listed as an opinion so it's allowed in this paper.

Linda Gray

Please highlight the racism in this article as I must have missed it.

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