Soon, I’ll be 16 years old. My mom and I hatched this genius plan to go to Disney this summer to celebrate. But there’s one problem: my dad.

Now you see, I’m not entirely sure about my father’s hesitation to go to the most magical place on Earth. We saved all that money in 2020 by not going anywhere, and he’s a teacher, so he doesn’t even have to take off from work. For some odd reason, though, he still says no. So I’ve decided to use my excellent writing skills and god-like persuasion ability to take us to Disney World.

First, I think I’ll appeal to his sense of reason. I might say something like…

Dear Dad,

As a sports fan, you know that when people win the Super Bowl, they take their children to Disney World. So, this means that successful people love Disney. To prove you are also successful, please take me to Disney.

Love Annika.

But, he would almost definitely say something along the lines of “Oh yeah, when I win the Super Bowl, I’ll take you to Disney,” and I’m not so positive Bucky Sorrow will be a first round NFL draft pick, so, on to the next plan.

Maybe he’s on board with the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” way of living. If I tell him that Mama is beyond stressed and really needs a trip to Disney, he might just listen, but I definitely need a backup plan.

So, what’s a foolproof way to convince your dad to do what you want? Remind him of how much he loves you.

Dear Dad,

I’m turning 16 soon. What better way to celebrate than to make family memories in a place as fun as Disney World? Cinderella’s family was really mean, but you are not. I may not be so young anymore, but I’m still your princess, and this princess really wants to meet Cinderella.

Love Annika.

If I’ve learned anything from brainstorming persuasion ideas, it’s that I’m going to need some luck and pixie dust if there’s any way we’re taking a trip to Orlando.

Annika Sorrow is a Junior at East Jackson Comprehensive High School and intern at Mainstreet Newspapers. 

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